AllerGen researcher receives $100,000 award for non-invasive asthma test

AllerGen researcher Dr. Darryl Adamko of the University of Saskatchewan and the University of Alberta, is a 2013 recipient of a $100,000 federal Grand Challenges Canada grant through the “Stars in Global Health” program. Dr. Adamko has developed a simple urine test that can detect tissue damage and reduced lung function caused by asthma and allergies. The test detects unique markers in the body which are excreted in the urine. As Dr. Adamko explains his work: “Diagnosing and treating respiratory diseases, especially in lower income countries, is difficult. Often doctors just give trials of therapy hoping something will work. We have been developing a test to diagnose respiratory diseases using urine samples.”

Grand Challenges Canada is dedicated to supporting bold ideas with significant impact in global health, and funds innovative research that addresses “a specific critical barrier that, if removed, would help solve an important health problem in the developing world, with a high likelihood of global impact through widespread implementation.”

See a brief interview with Dr. Adamko on the Grand Challenges website or read more about his receipt of the award here.

Dr. Darryl Adamko (photo courtesy of CTV Saskatoon)