CHILD breastmilk research, researcher featured in online course

CHILD breastmilk research, researcher featured in online course

A high-profile online course features CHILD Cohort Study research and CHILD researcher Dr. Meghan Azad.

The certified professional development course, entitled “Breast Milk Scientific,” focuses on current scientific insights into breastmilk, its relationship with the microbiome, and its contributions to lifelong health. The course consists of high-definition videos as well as live webinar sessions, and counts on the participation of renowned academics and lactation experts. Participation is free but registration is required.

Although geared principally toward healthcare professionals working with new and prospective parents, the course content is highly accessible and relevant to parents in general: “This is science all parents need to know,” as the course webpage proclaims.

The five-day course (scheduled for February 3-7, 2020) was created by the filmmakers behind the feature documentary MICROBIRTH, which also prominently featured CHILD research findings and interviews with CHILD researcher Dr. Anita Kozyrskyj.

“Over the past seven years, it’s become our passion to explain the critical microscopic events happening during pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding,” state the filmmakers on their website. “Our goal is to bring the science to you in a way that is easy to understand and easy to digest.”

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