AllerGen’s Outcomes & Impacts Report (2004 – 2021)

AllerGen’s Outcomes & Impacts Report (2004 – 2021)

After receiving the full 14 years of federal Networks of Centres of Excellence (NCE) funding, and an additional two years of support to mobilize knowledge and commercialize research results, the Allergy, Genes and Environment (AllerGen) Network completed its NCE term on March 31, 2021.

On behalf of the Network, I am pleased to share with you AllerGen’s Outcomes & Impacts Report (2004-2021).

In this digital compendium, we reflect on AllerGen’s contributions and achievements since its inception in 2004, including:

  • AllerGen’s Integrated Research Strategy, which evolved from a plan to strategically invest in allergic disease research to concrete legacy outcomes including networked research collaborations that continue post-NCE support; novel and enduring discovery capacity; and translational clinical, policy and commercial outcomes for Canada with global impact;
  • lay summaries of AllerGen’s most impactful research across diverse themes, end-users and stakeholders;
  • capacity building, training and mentorship investments that have created new Canadian clinical, research and leadership capacity;
  • Knowledge and Technology Exchange and Exploitation (KTEE) outcomes, demonstrating the uptake and application of AllerGen research by diverse audiences; and
  • trainee testimonials describing the impact that AllerGen has had on their careers, and professional and personal growth.

AllerGen extends its deep appreciation to the NCE Program; AllerGen’s Board of Directors; Research Management Committee (RMC); Scientific, Training and Commercialization/KTEE advisory committees; the Administrative Centre team; and AllerGen’s host institution, McMaster University, for invaluable guidance, support and championing of AllerGen’s vision, mission and goals over the past 16+ years.

Thank you to all and may the “network way of working” continue to guide your future endeavours!

Diana Royce, EdD
President & CEO, AllerGen Inc.