Vision, Mission and Goals

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To create an enduring network of allergy and immune disease experts whose discovery and development efforts contribute to reductions in the impact of allergic and related immune diseases nationally and globally.

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To catalyze and support discovery, development, networking, capacity building, commercialization and knowledge translation to reduce the morbidity, mortality and socioeconomic burden of allergy, asthma and anaphylaxis for the benefit of Canadians and the global community.

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Catalyze and invest in innovative research to discover causes, prevention and treatments for allergic and related immune diseases

Contribute to development, translation, mobilization, commercialization and policy use of research that accelerates Canadian innovation, productivity and economic competitiveness

Develop and maintain networking and partnerships rooted in strong, mutually beneficial relationships with relevant communities and organizations

Create and invest in “value-added” opportunities for the training, education and professional development of Highly Qualified Personnel (HQP), students and new professionals and the public that strengthen Canada’s knowledge base, innovative capacity and work-force productivity

Leave an enduring network of relationships and capacity that sustains AllerGen-fostered research partnerships, commercialization and knowledge mobilization into the future, as a legacy benefiting Canadians nationally and globally

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Excellence: Model excellence in all we do

Relevance: Focus on activities aligned with outcomes related to our mandate, mission and the priorities of Canadians

Service: Undertake Network programs and activities in the context of service to our partners, stakeholders and allergic disease sufferers in Canada and globally

Relationships: Partner and collaborate to maximize our impact and reach

Empowerment: Empower researchers, trainees, collaborators, partners and stakeholders by facilitating action and impacts through networking, communication and knowledge exchange

Enablement: Catalyze and support new opportunities that would not be readily supported in a timely manner from other sources

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As a Network, AllerGen:

– unites world class researchers on allergic disease with other disciplinary/sectoral experts and directs their collective efforts toward allergy-related research questions;

– provides a global nexus for coordination, interaction and cross-sectoral linkages across sectors and disciplines;

– serves as a mechanism for identifying and investing in multidisciplinary research thrusts to advance Canada’s R&D capacity and global leadership in allergy and related immune disease; and

– fosters a supportive and formative environment that facilitates networking opportunities for AllerGen research trainees and new professionals with established researchers, research partner organizations and knowledge mobilization stakeholders in Canada and globally to accelerate knowledge transfer and broaden their career opportunities.