Undergraduate Summer Studentships

2015 AllerGen Summer Studentship recipient, Michael Chen (centre front), with members of Dr. James Martin’s laboratory, McGill University

Award Recipients: 2017 Ɩ 2016 Ɩ 2015 Ɩ 2014 Ɩ 2013 Ɩ 2012

AllerGen’s Undergraduate Summer Studentships provided capacity-building opportunities to undergraduate students specializing in biomedical, health, social and/or natural science and engineering studies to participate in research related to allergy, asthma and related immune and/or inflammatory processes and diseases.

The Summer Studentships aimed to foster interest in allergic and related disease research among undergraduate students, leading to advanced studies and potentially a career in related research and/or clinical practice.

Ten awards of $3,500 were issued annually, matched 1:1 with non-AllerGen partnered funding for a total award value of $70,000.

“My AllerGen Summer Studentship helped me to achieve a better understanding of the rigorous process of scientific enquiry and confirmed my commitment to pursue a career as a clinician-scientist.”

Abid Qureshi,
University of Calgary

Competition Deadline

This program is now CLOSED

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