Drug Development

Clinical Investigator Collaborative

Dr. Paul O’Byrne, Principal Investigator for AA-CIC and Chair of Medicine at McMaster University

AllerGen’s Clinical Investigator Collaborative (CIC) demonstrates how mutually beneficial partnerships can spark excellence in Canadian research and contribute to global pharmaceutical innovation.

The CIC is a globally unique clinical trial research unit and service provider for fast tracking early-stage drugs for proof-of-concept to use in Phase II trials.

The CIC predicts the effectiveness of potential new drugs for Allergic Asthma (AA-CIC), Allergic Rhinitis (AR-CIC) and Severe Asthma (SA-CIC) in a cost-effective, timely, and highly reliable clinical model.

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Additional AllerGen research contributions to drug development

Developing a Vaccine for Asthma and Allergiesvaccine

Project: Vaccines for asthma & allergies – a bacterial immune-prophylactic and therapeutic approach

Principal investigator: Tobias Kollmann

Dr. Kollmann views vaccination as the most promising approach to preventing or treating allergy and asthma. The benefit, he says, lies in the fact that they address the problem at its source rather than temporarily alleviating symptoms.

bai-ssInternationally Acclaimed Canadian Scientists Discover How Airway Cells Respond to Viruses and Air Pollution—Is a Revolutionary New Drug for Airway Diseases on the Horizon?

Project: Environmental impact on the epithelial immune barrier in asthma

Principal investigator: Tony Bai

This team’s ground-breaking discoveries concerning damage and repair in asthma-affected airways are causing a major “buzz” within international research circles. Their discovery could lead to the development of a new type of medication that actually delays, changes, or interrupts the progression of asthma and COPD, instead of just managing the symptoms.

pare-ssThe Global Search for Allergy and Asthma Genes: Genetic Testing, Counselling and Novel Therapies on the Horizon

Project: Validation of genetic associations in asthma and allergy in Canadian families

Principal investigator: Peter Paré

Besides the potential that new therapies will be developed based on knowledge of the genes involved in asthma and allergic disease,it is likely that genetic analyses will predict who will respond best to specific therapies and who is most likely to develop an adverse response.

befus-ssUnlocking the Secrets of Mind-Body Connections to Revolutionize Inflammatory and Allergic Disease Diagnosis, Treatment and Prevention

Projects: Neuroendocrine Regulation of Allergic Inflammation: Translational Studies; Biomarkers of a Sympathetic Anti-inflammatory Pathway, Neuro-regulation of Sympathetic Anti-inflammatory Activity

Principal investigator: Dean Befus

Researchers are beginning to understand the biology of a pathway involved in human allergy responses and inflammation, and are on the cusp of human clinical trials for novel medications that offer hope to patients around the world who suffer from allergic diseases…