Start-up Companies

AllerGen investments have helped to launch two start-up companies

Read about the establishment of both companies in AllerGen’s 2011-12 Annual Report

Adiga Life Sciences Inc.

adigaFounded in 2008 to act as a vehicle for the growing scientific collaboration between UK-based clinical-stage specialty biopharmaceutical company Circassia Ltd. and McMaster University in the field of allergy research, Adiga Life Sciences investigates ways to promote immune system tolerance to common allergens, including ragweed, cats, grass and house dust mites.

It also offers management services for medical development projects being conducted in Canada.


Dr. Adamko

Founded in 2011 by AllerGen investigator Dr. Darryl Adamko and the University of Alberta with support from TEC Edmonton, Respirlyte develops non-invasive tools for diagnosing asthma and other respiratory diseases in a physician’s office.

Dr. Adamko received a 2013 Grand Challenges Canada grant to conduct related research in India.

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