Michelle Harkness Mentorship Awards (MHMA) Awardees


Lifetime Mentoring Achievement

Recognizing a sustained, career-spanning commitment to excellence in mentoring in allergic disease research and education.

David Proud (2020)

Professor, Department of Physiology & Pharmacology, Cumming School of Medicine, University of Calgary

“Dr. Proud has frequently stated that he believes he will have a greater impact on science because of the combined accomplishments of those whom he has trained, rather than by his own individual efforts, and he takes enormous pride and pleasure in seeing former mentees achieve success and recognition, and in knowing that they are fulfilled in their professional and personal lives.”

Manel Jordana flanked by Kasey (L) & Glenn (R) Harkness

Manel Jordana (2019)

Professor, Department of Pathology and Molecular Medicine, McMaster University

“He strives to create strong leaders in the scientific community and takes pride in the people that they become.”

“He tailored his mentorship to give me the best experience… and instilled a love for science that I will carry through my career.”


Mentoring Excellence – Investigator

Recognizing outstanding mentoring by investigators in allergic disease research and education, at any career stage or in any discipline (including senior or junior University-based faculty or clinician scientists).

Del Dorscheid (2020)

Associate Professor of Medicine, The University of British Columbia

“Dr. Del Dorscheid is an exemplary mentor who not only cares about his students’ research achievements, but actively encourages their personal growth. He consistently takes a keen interest in the lives of those he mentors and always has valuable advice, kind words and support to offer, no matter the student’s aspirations. Even in times of experimental failures, he uplifts his students when they become discouraged and works with them to overcome hurdles.”

Susan Elliott (2020)

Professor, Geography and Environmental Management, University of Waterloo

“One of Susan’s most appreciated efforts is her active role in creating a sense of community among her students that goes beyond degree requirements… She shares in the personal milestones and hardships of her students, and is willing to lend a compassionate hand if needed.”

Andrew Halayko (2020)

Professor, Physiology and Pathophysiology, University of Manitoba

“Dr. Halayko enjoys seeing his mentees succeed. He is never afraid to lets them step into the spotlight in his place. He understands very well the difference between being a mentor and a leader instead of a boss.”

“He fosters innovation, creativity and critical thinking in all his trainees and team members, and encourages and supports them to explore new research avenues.”

Meghan Azad flanked by Kasey (L) & Glenn (R) Harkness

Meghan Azad (2019)

 Associate Professor, Pediatrics and Child Health, University of Manitoba

“What sets Meghan apart is her unwavering dedication to the growth of her trainees… She is always enthusiastic about learning and has become a champion for us to continually learn and take up experiences outside of the lab.”

“Overall, she is a role model of professionalism, collegiality and strategic career visioning for long-term professional success in academia and beyond.”

Christopher Carlsten (2019)

Professor of Medicine, The University of British Columbia

“The defining characteristic of Chris’ mentorship is his genuine concern for his trainees’ personal and career goals… He fosters a family-like and yet collegial environment where every member respects, collaborates, and cares for each other’s success.”

“His ambition, passion, and drive for excellence provides an example for his mentees to do the best they can.”

Jeremy Hirota flanked by Kasey (L) & Glenn (R) Harkness

Jeremy Hirota (2019)

Assistant Professor of Medicine, McMaster University

“I always look forward to discussing my results with Jay because of his genuine passion for discovery; I come away from these discussions motivated and excited to plan new experiments.”

“Jay leads by example of what a successful academic life can be – he demonstrated the unique ability to maintain an infectious positive attitude, collaborate with diverse research groups, publish prolifically, all while having fun!”

Paige Lacy flanked by Kasey (L) & Glenn (R) Harkness

Paige Lacy (2019)

Professor, Medicine & Dentistry-Medicine, University of Alberta

“Dr. Lacy is a kind, brilliant, yet humble woman who encourages all of our questions (even the most trivial), critical thinking, and pursuit of lifelong learning. Somehow, she manages everything on her plate while ensuring all her students have a rich experience under her mentorship. She connects new trainees with past and invites us to family gatherings to build a friendly and cohesive team.”


Mentoring Excellence – Non-Investigator

Recognizing outstanding mentoring by non-investigators in allergic disease research and education, at any career stage or in any sector (including students, post-doctoral fellows, research staff, technical staff, administrative staff, or not-for-profit or industry representatives).

Kyle Dine flanked by Epiman (L) & Epiman Jr. (R)

See Kyle’s award acceptance video

Kyle Dine (2020)

Musician & Educator, Food Allergy Canada

“Kyle is passionate about living well with food allergy and inspires others to do the same. Kyle has mentored hundreds of Canadian youth with food allergy. He has facilitated their participation in media interviews, surveys and focus groups to share their perspectives. He has provided consistent guidance and support to young people at risk… ”

Kozeta Miliku (2020)

Post-Doctoral Fellow, Children’s Hospital Research Institute of Manitoba

“Kozeta has mentored countless members of the Azad lab… She creates a safe and supportive environment for trainees to ask questions and learn new skills. She is patient and approachable and is truly dedicated to the growth of her colleagues and trainees. Kozeta invests the time to help trainees feel more competent.”

Loubna Akhabir flanked by Kasey (L) & Glenn (R) Harkness

Loubna Akhabir (2019)

Post-Doctoral Fellow, McMaster University

“Loubna’s guidance with how to self-study and dedication to my progress were instrumental… She offered me invaluable career advice and steered me towards personal growth and success. Loubna never fails to take time for her mentees, and is genuinely proud and happy for us when we succeed.”

John-Paul OIiveria flanked by Kasey (L) & Glenn (R) Harkness

John-Paul Oliveria (2019)

Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, Stanford University

“I have truly never met someone so dedicated to teaching and making sure his students reached their potential. JP is a true model of giving people opportunity to thrive and excel in what they love to do. JP values creating a team of people he enjoys working with, not only as colleagues but also as friends.”

Gurpreet Singhera flanked by Kasey (L) & Glenn (R) Harkness

Gurpreet Singhera (2019)

Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, Stanford University

“Gurpreet is a committed mentor and selfless educator who goes above and beyond to help and support our laboratory and many others… Her obvious passion for research and energetic spirit for learning are both infectious and inspirational. She is the wise, approachable, motherly figure who warmly nurtures us and patiently teaches us all the necessary technical and research skills to succeed.”


Mentorship Development Grants

Providing support to individuals from the Canadian allergic disease research, education, practice and/or advocacy communities seeking to enhance their mentoring skills.

Jennifer Protudjer (2020)

Assistant Professor, University of Manitoba


  • Global Mentorship Conference hosted by the European Mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC), with both regular sessions and “masterclasses” that focus on professional mentorship skills such as empowerment, reciprocal mentoring, transforming bias, diversity and inclusion and intergenerational mentorship.

Neeloffer Mookherjee (2019)

Associate Professor, University of Manitoba


  • Women in Academic Leadership program, offered by the Center for Higher Education Research and Development (CHERD) at the University of Manitoba.

Sue Keller-Olaman flanked by Kasey (L) & Glenn (R) Harkness

Sue Keller-Olaman (2019)

Manager, Public Health Ontario


  • National Mentorship Program of the Canadian College of Health Leaders (CCHL).
  • McMaster Leadership Essentials courses: Coaching and Mentoring; Art of Active Listening; Creative and Critical Thinking; Leading Millenials; Delivering Powerful Presentations; Supervision Essentials.

Mary-Ellen Rayner flanked by Kasey (L) & Glenn (R) Harkness

Mary-Ellen Rayner (2019)

Chief Partnerships & Communications Officer, The Sandbox Project


  • Mentoring Individuals and Teams course, York University.
  • Mentorship Roundtable at the 2019 Sandbox Summit with members of the Young Canadians Roundtable on Health.

Lianne Soller flanked by Kasey (L) & Glenn (R) Harkness

Lianne Soller (2019)

Postdoctoral Fellow, The University of British Columbia


  • Coaching and Mentoring course, Sauder Executive Education, The University of British Columbia.

2019 MHMA awardees with Harkness family members – L to R: Min Hyung Ryu (representing Dr. Chris Carlsten); Loubna Akhabir; Lianne Soller; Mary-Ellen Rayner; Kasey Harkness; Manel Jordana; Gurpreet Singhera; Glenn Harkness; Meghan Azad; Jeremy Hirota; Sue Keller-Olaman; Paige Lacy. (Not pictured: Chris Carlsten and Neeloffer Mookherjee.)