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Abbaspour M, Abugharbieh R, Podder M, Tebbutt SJ. 2006

Fully-automated analysis of multi-resolution four-channel microarray genotyping data

SPIE Medical Imaging

Hudson TJ. 2006

Skin barrier function and allergic risk

Nature Genetics

Mathison RD, Davison JS. 2006

The tripeptide feG regulates the production of intracellular reactive oxygen species by neutrophils

Journal of Inflammation

Kozyrskyj AL, Dahl ME , Ungar WJ, Becker AB, Law BJ. 2006

Antibiotic treatment of wheezing in children with asthma: what is the practice?


Banerjee DK, Kagan R,Turnbull E, Joseph L, St. Pierre Y, Dufresne C, Gray-Donald K, Clarke AE. 2006

Peanut-free guidelines reduce school lunch peanut contents

Archives of Disease in Childhood

Bao F, John SM, Chen Y, Mathison RD, Weaver LC. 2006

The tripeptide phenylalanine-(D) glutamate-(D) glycine modulates leukocyte infiltration and oxidative damage in rat injured spinal cord


Yu JW, Kagan R, Verreault N, Nicolas N, Joseph L, St. Pierre Y, Clarke AE. 2006

Accidental ingestions in children with peanut allergy

Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology

Weichenthal S, Dufresne A, Infante-Rivard C, Joseph L. 2006

Indoor ultrafine particles and home heating systems: a cross-sectional survey of Canadian homes during the winter months 

Journal of Exposure Science and Environmental Epidemiology

Thottingal TB, Stefura BP, Estelle FE, Simons R, Bannon GA, Burks W, HayGlass KT. 2006

Human subjects without peanut allergy demonstrate T cell-dependent, T(H)2-biased, peanut-specific cytokine and chemokine responses independent of T(H)1 expression

Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology

Podder M, Welch WJ, Zamar RH, Tebbutt SJ. 2006

Dynamic variable selection in SNP genotype autocalling from APEX microarray data

BMC Bioinformatics

Tremblay K, Lemire M, Provost V, Pastinen T, Renaud Y, Sandford AJ, Laviolette M, Hudson TJ, Laprise C. 2006

Association study between the CX3CR1 gene and asthma

Genes & Immunity

John SM, Kittmer C, Chen Y, Mathison RD, Weaver LC. 2006

The effects of a novel tripeptide on neurological outcomes and tissue sparing after spinal cord injury


Pastinen T, Ge B, Hudson TJ 2006

Influence of human genome polymorphism on gene expression

Human Molecular Genetics

Denburg JA, Hatfield HM, Cyr MM, Hayes L. 2005

Fish Oil Supplementation in Pregnancy Modifies Neonatal Progenitors at Birth in Infants at Risk of Atopy

Pediatric Research

Fiset P, Tulic M, Hamid Q. 2005

Toll-like receptors and atopy

Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology

Kagan RS, Joseph L, Dufresne C, Gray-Donald K, Turnbull E, St. Pierre Y, Clarke AE. 2003

Prevalence of peanut allergy in primary-school children in Montreal, Canada

Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology

Sears M, Greene JM, Willan AR, Wiecek EM, Taylor DR, Flannery EM, Cowan JO, Herbison GP, Silva PA, Poulton R. 2003

A Longitudinal, Population-Based, Cohort Study of Childhood Asthma Followed to Adulthood

The New England Journal of Medicine