Winning HQP videos “clever” and “relatable,” say judges

Winning HQP videos “clever” and “relatable,” say judges

An animated musical about the harmful chemicals contained in plastic consumer products took first place in AllerGen’s 2016 HQP Video Competition.

phthalates-smThe Phthalates Song,” created by Evelyn Gunawan, Min Hyung Ryu and Agnes Yuen, received top ranking from an expert panel and won the popular vote on YouTube. Members of the HQP team behind the video work together in the Air Pollution Exposure Laboratory, run by AllerGen investigator Dr. Christopher Carlsten, at The University of British Columbia.

aic-1AIC Model in Allergic Asthma,” by Zhaoyun (Jack) Zhang, Shawn Khan and Abi Kirubarajan, placed second in the competition. The video describes the Allergen Inhalation Challenge (AIC) model, which allows clinicians and scientists to induce a controlled allergic asthma exacerbation in clinical trial subjects to test the safety and effectiveness of new asthma treatments. The video production team is composed of students working in the Cardio-Respiratory Lab of McMaster University under the supervision of AllerGen investigator Dr. Gail Gauvreau.

The HQP Video Competition challenges ASNPN members to create short videos highlighting important findings in allergic disease research in a manner that is accessible to a lay audience.

The 2016 competition videos were evaluated by a panel of knowledge translation judges, whose scores accounted for 80% of the ranking. Online voting, measured by “likes” on YouTube, accounted for the remaining 20%.

AllerGen thanks all those who submitted a video to the competition, members of the judging panel for their time and expertise, and everyone who voted online for their favourite video.

View the 2016 HQP video entries.